Auto Accidents

If you fall victim to an auto accident, who is at fault is not the issue... the problem lies in the damage that the auto accident inflicts on the spine and nervous system.


This is not just specific to a large-impact accident such as a rollover accident or a head-on collision. Even an auto accident at 10 mph can cause a whiplash of the neck that results in significant damage to the spine and nervous system. There is a small window of time to correct the damage before they start making lasting & potentially permanent structural and bio mechanical change to your neck and spine. Time is of the essence after an auto accident - it is essential to make an appointment with a chiropractor within a few days of the auto accident.


In many cases after an accident, the financial costs of your chiropractic care are covered by the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on your auto insurance policy. Therefore, you may not have to pay out-of-pocket to correct the damage done to your spine and nervous system. This depends on your specific auto insurance. Upon your first visit in our office, we will complete a complimentary insurance benefits check for you to find out whether or not you have PIP. Whether your auto insurance includes PIP or not, we offer affordable chiropractic care plans.


If you were recently in an auto accident, do not wait any longer - book your appointment today!

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