Back Pain

At Invigorate Chiropractic we see people every day who suffer form a wide range of injuries and illnesses. This not only includes back pain, but also:

  • Headaches

  • TMJ

  • Sciatic Pain

  • Low Back Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Neck Pain and Injuries

  • Or other symptoms ranging from anxiety, depression, thyroid dysfunction, reflux, and many more

Unable to find relief from traditional forms of medicine such as prescription medications and surgeries, many patients have suffered from pain and symptoms for many years. 

Chiropractic care offers a long-term, natural, and cost-effective solution for managing pain and illness by getting to the root cause of these issues. 

Often times these issues are related to subluxations of your spine. A subluxation, commonly known as a spinal misalignment, is when the spine or vertebrae has shifted out of proper alignment, thus affecting the communication between the brain and the body. 

By applying gentle, specific Chiropractic Adjustments to realign the spine, chiropractic care reduces stress applied to the nervous system and restores communication, allowing the body to heal naturally, from the inside out.

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