Dr. Kevin Schultz


Dr. Kevin Schultz was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin.
He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Pre-Professional at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. He knew he wanted to be a Chiropractor since 8th grade and was drawn to Chiropractic when he realized how it emphasizes health and healing starting from the inside out and how it focuses on natural health. Just one month after graduating with his Bachelor's Degree, Dr. Kevin moved to Atlanta, Georgia to earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University. During his time in Georgia, Dr. Kevin grew in knowledge and faith. He accepted Jesus into his life Easter of 2014, and has been growing in love and faith every day since! One of his biggest goals outside of chiropractic is to share God's love with the world and live life for Christ!

Dr. Kevin graduated from Life University in December 2016 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. During his time at Life University, he achieved Certified Advanced Proficiency in Torque Release Technique (TRT) via Dr. Holder's seminars. (Dr. Holder is the founder of TRT).

Dr. Kevin's vision is to serve as many people as possible in Lakeville, MN and surrounding areas with principled, neurologically based chiropractic. His goal is to build a healthier community with less reliance on drugs and surgery and more focus on helping the body to heal in a natural way through chiropractic care.

Dr. Kevin's Why

God called Dr. Kevin at a young age to help people with Chiropractic care. Dr. Kevin’s passions in life are God, family, and chiropractic. He finds it impossible to go a single day without having all three of those in his life. Kevin has a personal motto of "it's better to leave a room a blessing rather than a burden".

Dr. Kevin believes if there were to be more Christian, Chiropractic offices in the state of Minnesota and the country, more people would see the love of Christ and health they have been longing for. What Dr. Kevin brings to the office each day is an upbeat attitude that you will find is contagious and he loves more than anything to make people smile and serve them with love in his heart.

Katie Schultz


Katie grew up in Savage, Minnesota with two older siblings. She enjoys outdoor activities, playing board games, traveling the world, and most recently earning the title of Mom! She earned her Bachelors in Science Nursing Degree at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, where she met Dr. Kevin. Soon after Dr. Kevin moved down to Georgia to complete his doctoral degree, Katie learned a wealth of knowledge about chiropractic through him. She started seeing a neurologically based chiropractor herself, and through weekly adjustments saw her daily headaches & low back pain disappear and overall health improve. Katie also noticed a significant decrease in the number of times she got sick with a cold each winter! Katie is a Registered Nurse, but as her passion for Chiropractic continues to be ignited, she has found her new passion to be at Invigorate Chiropractic helping people live a more natural, drug-free life - and see the change in their practice member's lives!

Patty Schumacher


Patty lives in Burnsville with her husband and has two young adult children. Natural Health Care and improving the quality of her family’s life is important to her.


To Patty chiropractic is much more than joint movement. She believes that by working with individuals to achieve their optimal health and function will help aid them in the prevention of illnesses and injuries. She loves talking to our practice members and seeing them reach their health goals and is grateful to have a career that has such a positive impact on people’s lives. 


In Patty’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, cooking, traveling, hiking, watching sports, and enjoying dinners out. She also has an interest in the fine arts and will attend several music and theater productions each year. Painting, doing crafts, and reading is her favorite ways to relax after work and on the weekends.


Patty looks forward to welcoming you to Invigorate Chiropractic!

Bekah Tucker


Rebekah grew up in Prior Lake after moving from Kansas with her family. As the middle child with three brothers, Bekah learned to love and appreciate the outdoors (and baseball. Hours and hours of baseball.). Hiking, biking, and camping are some of the activities she and her family enjoy doing together, as well as cards and board games when the weather isn’t as nice. As a team, Bekah and her family are as of yet undefeated by all the escape rooms they’ve played.


Rebekah also has a creative side that’s always looking for a new project or hobby to try. Among these are watercolor painting, macrame, interior design, dance, and making costumes for the Renaissance Faire. Her love for reading has developed into a love for writing novels, and she hopes to one day be published! 


Through her own experiences with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, and a number of other health struggles, Bekah has become passionate about natural health and healing, and she loves to walk alongside those that are also suffering. She loves being a part of the Invigorate team, where they reach out with the love of Jesus to offer hope and healing to the community through neurologically-based chiropractic care. 



Kristopher Schultz is Dr. Kevin and Katie's son - also known as the best clinic greeter around! You can often find him in the clinic giving you a friendly hello or enthusiastically waving goodbye as he watches your car pull away. He also loves to give out high-fives!

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