Chiropractic for Pregnancy in Lakeville

many women use chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy

Pregnancy puts a mother’s body through all kinds of stress. The pelvis tilts, ligaments stretch, and mom’s center of gravity shifts forward with all of the additional weight gained. Misalignments (Vertebral Subluxations) where the sacrum joins the pelvis (hip) can be quite common during the course of pregnancy. Besides potentially interfering with the baby assuming the normal head-down position in preparation for delivery, subluxation can produce a variety of symptoms in mothers. Chiropractic Care in Lakeville can help!

symptoms pregnant mothers may experience in Lakeville:

  • Exhaustion/Low Energy
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Low Back Pain
  • Sciatica

Just as chiropractic techniques vary from one office to the next, they also vary from one population to another. Chiropractic for pregnant mothers is quite different from any other population. Dr. Kevin is certified and proficient in the Webster technique – a Chiropractic technique designed to relax the pelvic ligaments and keep mom’s sacrum and pelvis in proper alignment for a healthy birth. Often times moms report shorter delivery times and less labor pains after being under chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy.

Developed by the late Larry Webster, D.C., the chiropractic technique he developed (Webster) and taught chiropractors around the world helps release stress on the pelvis. The Webster Adjustment relaxes surrounding ligaments and reduces the sacral vertebral subluxation to help restore more normal function during such a vital time in a mother's life as baby develops. This is exactly why chiropractic care is essential for pregnant moms.

Birth is not only traumatic for mom, but for baby as well. Squeezing through a tiny birth canal in addition to the stress of labor has potential to cause misalignment (subluxation) in your newborn infant's spine, even with a non-intervention, vaginal birth. Chances of subluxation occurring increase with the use of vacuum, forceps, being manually manipulated (twisting baby's head or pulling during birth), and Cesarean Section because these all place greater stress on baby's neck and spine. It is vital to have your newborn assessed by a chiropractor within one to two days of birth to ensure subluxation is not present. If subluxation is present, a chiropractic adjustment for an infant is as gentle as testing a peach for ripeness with your pinky finger. Dr. Kevin's kids were both assessed and adjusted within 3 hours of their births!


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